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Designs on Silver exhibition
 Goldsmiths’ Fair has launched a new exhibition.

Designs on SilverDesign drawings reveal a maker thinking aloud. Shown alongside the objects they inspire, they can offer an insight into the creative process. This exhibition aims to reveal how a maker explores a range of possibilities through sketches of source material; how they find a motif, or translate or abstract a theme into silver. All the pieces in the exhibition are from The Goldsmiths’ Company’s Collection. The Collection supports makers through acquisitions and commissions that demonstrate the latest in creativity and craftsmanship in precious metals. Many of these are made through the annual Goldsmiths’ Fair.
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21 April 2021

Creative Links: Talismanic Jewellery and Tableware: ‘Friends to grace and mercy and enemies to vice’

6pm – 7pm (GMT), Pay what you can: £5 or £10

Online (via Zoom)

A wide range of natural materials – plant, animal and geological – have been used since Stone Age times to protect the owner against occult forces and disease. Distinctive properties, rarity, exotic origins, ancient legends, folklore and (to modern scientific thinking) unusual background philosophies have all contributed to the concept of magical properties and virtues inherent in precious and semi-precious stones. 

In this talk Chris Duffin will examine several case histories as a means of introducing and considering something of the range of ‘magical’, talismanic materials used both apotropaically and medicinally, and the enormous diversity of their application. Why were they considered, in the words of Ivan the Terrible (circa 1584) ‘Friends to grace and mercy and enemies to vice’?

For medieval and early modern goldsmiths and their clients, gemstones could be understood through a mixture of magic and science. Goldsmiths’ Company Librarian Eleni Bide will follow Chris’ case histories with an exploration of how these types of knowledge were intertwined through two beautiful lapidary books in the Goldsmiths’ Company’s archive.

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From February 2020 Society of Antiquaries

The Society of Antiquaries have now opened up their Ordinary Meetings/Evening Lectures to non-fellows.  20 places are available at each event at only £5 including refreshments.

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