Running until May 8 : Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution
V&A Musum. Tickets £18
A remarkable exhibition bringing together many of Carl Fabergé’s most celebrated works loaned from museums and private collections around the world. The exhibition explores the Anglo-Russian relationship that led Fabergé to open a London branch in 1903 and showcases the exceptional craftsmanship that quickly made him a firm favourite with the British royals and high society. Alongside the exquisite hardstone carvings and glittering Imperial eggs, there are a number of impressive silver exhibits, including a cigar cutter modelled as a carp and a statue of Persimmon, King Edward VII’s Derby winning racehorse.

Running until April 30 : The Thetford Treasure

Ancient House (Norfolk Museums). Tickets £5.10 (concessions available) 
This display shows 11 items of the Thetford Treasure found at Gallows Hill, Thetford in 1979.