Video recordings of previous talks

The Silver Society holds regular talks and lectures which we aim to record and make publicly available following the event. A selection of our recent talks (available to non-members) can be found below:

Charissa Bremer David. New Findings on French Silver in the J. Paul Getty Museum (16.02.2023)

Dr Tessa Murdoch FSA. News Discoveries in Huguenot Silver (25.01.2022)

Matthew Hirst. Woburn Abbey and its Silver (21.06.2021)


Christopher Joll. A Silver Lining: Britain’s Spoils of War (28.04.2021)


The Silver Society Prize: Patrick Davison, Samuel Waterhouse and Manasi Depala (29.03.2021)


Museums Sheffield Live: Women Silversmiths (11.03.2021)

Donna Stevens. Silver Conservation and Preservation (24.02.2021)

Stephen Goldsmith. The Life and Times of a Buffer Boy (24.02.2021)

James Rothwell. Scandalising Georgian High Society (25.01.2021)


Timo Koopman. A well trodden path from the East paved in silver: Chinese export silver (16.11.2020)

Anthony Bernbaum. Arts & Crafts Silver: Shaping Modernity (29.09.2020)

Dora Thornton. Wine Cups for the Goldsmiths’ Company: Contemporary Commissions 1957-2020 (31.08.2020)


Alice Minter. Harache, Margas and Pantin: Three Families of celebrated Huguenot silversmiths and their French origins (20.07.2020)

Gareth Harris. Gold, Moss and Bananas (28.06.2020)

Tim Schroder. Sumptuous Summits: The Meetings of Henry VIII and Francis I (10.06.2020)