Video recordings of previous talks

The Silver Society holds regular talks and lectures which we aim to record and make publicly available following the event. A selection of our recent talks (available to non-members) can be found below:

Dr Tessa Murdoch FSA. News Discoveries in Huguenot Silver (25.01.2022)

Matthew Hirst. Woburn Abbey and its Silver (21.06.2021)


Christopher Joll. A Silver Lining: Britain’s Spoils of War (28.04.2021)


The Silver Society Prize: Patrick Davison, Samuel Waterhouse and Manasi Depala (29.03.2021)


Museums Sheffield Live: Women Silversmiths (11.03.2021)

Donna Stevens. Silver Conservation and Preservation (24.02.2021)

Stephen Goldsmith. The Life and Times of a Buffer Boy (24.02.2021)

James Rothwell. Scandalising Georgian High Society (25.01.2021)


Timo Koopman. A well trodden path from the East paved in silver: Chinese export silver (16.11.2020)

Anthony Bernbaum. Arts & Crafts Silver: Shaping Modernity (29.09.2020)

Dora Thornton. Wine Cups for the Goldsmiths’ Company: Contemporary Commissions 1957-2020 (31.08.2020)


Alice Minter. Harache, Margas and Pantin: Three Families of celebrated Huguenot silversmiths and their French origins (20.07.2020)

Gareth Harris. Gold, Moss and Bananas (28.06.2020)

Tim Schroder. Sumptuous Summits: The Meetings of Henry VIII and Francis I (10.06.2020)