Membership of The Silver Society

The membership year is the calendar year (i.e. starts on 1 January). The subscription rates quoted below are for 2020.

There are four categories of membership:

Annual subscription: £55 reduced to £50 if paid by standing order
A member is entitled to attend and vote at all Society meetings, to receive the Journal and Newsletter and use the research area of this website. A member is welcome to join in visits and other events (subject to any space restrictions), for which there is usually a modest fee.

When joining the Society as a Member or a Joint Member (below), it is helpful if you are supported by a current member, if it all possible. Alternatively you could become a provisional member for a year before full membership. Please ask the secretary for details of provisional membership, and for any further information you may need. We do not issue a membership list.

Download Membership form here
Joint Member
Annual subscription: £70 reduced to £65 if paid by standing order
This category is the same as above, except that you can nominate another person within your family (broadly interpreted) to be a joint member. You are both able to attend all the Society’s meetings and visits but only the ‘lead’ member can vote (eg at the AGM). You will receive one set of mailings (Journal and Newsletter). 

Download Joint Membership form here
Institutional member
Annual subscription: £70 reduced to £65 if paid by standing order
The institution has the same rights as a Member and to receive one copy of the Journal and Newsletter. One member of the institution needs to be nominated as the ‘lead member’ and main contact, but up to 3 other members of the institution can also be nominated. All four people are able to attend Silver Society meetings, events and visits, as well as receive the Newsletter via email. The lead member has the right to vote as a member of the Society, on behalf of the institution.

Download Institutional Membership form here
The Early Career Silver Group (ECSG)

Who are we? 
While the pandemic has forced us dramatically to change our lifestyle and working habits, it has allowed the Silver Society to reach a much wider audience thanks to our free online lectures, our newly designed website and our social media accounts. 
Our aim is to nurture part of this new audience composed of members at a relatively early stage of their ‘journey with silver’ including collectors, students, and early professionals in the silver world such as curators, art dealers and silversmiths. 
For that purpose, we are proudly launching a group within the Silver Society entitled ‘Early Career Silver Group’ (ECSG). In line with other societies who have developed similar programmes.  We have fixed the age limit at 35 years but would happily welcome anyone who is changing career or embarking in post graduate studies, regardless of their age. 
What to expect? 
The ECSG intends to propose a series of activities, alongside the core events of the Society, in a more informal ambiance and taking account of work/study commitments of young professionals and students, to ease their way into the silver world.   For this purpose, the ECSG proposes the following: 
–   Up to 3 visits per year with exclusive access, discussions and handling sessions with professionals and/or collectors to: 
o   One art fair (antique or contemporary)
o   One auction house 
o   One museum or private collection 
–   ECSG member pricing for some main Society events
–   a peer network which will also offer mentoring and support, notably to encourage emerging scholars, with the following opportunities: 
o   to contribute a short article about a silver-related subject in a new ECSG section of the Society’s Journal Silver Studies  
o   to deliver a short presentation at a designated ECSG session at one of the usual Society meetings each year. 
Some of these events might also be held virtually to enable international members to participate.
The ECSG group was launched officially at the AGM on 16 November 2020. 
The first event will be announced shortly after that, intended to be a virtual ‘show and tell’ event in December hosted on Zoom. We will also liaise with Christie’s and Sotheby’s about their upcoming December ‘Treasure Sales’ and are cautiously optimistic we might be able to arrange a small group viewing of one of them subject to UK restrictions.
The cost of ECSG membership comprises an annual fee of £30, starting in 2021 (and payable 2 January each year) and includes full membership of The Silver Society and allows you to bring one guest along to Society events. Note that this category replaces the Society’s current ‘Student Membership’ category. 
If you are interested in joining this group please contact Luke Delmas:
Download ESCG Membership form here

Journal Subscriber

It is also possible to subscribe to the annual journal Silver Studies without being a full member. The subscription year starts on 1 June.
Annual subscription £25 (UK based) or £32 (based outside the UK)

Download Journal Subscriber form here