Membership of The Silver Society

The membership year is the calendar year (i.e. starts on 1 January). 

There are four categories of membership:

Annual subscription: £55 reduced to £50 if paid by standing order
A member is entitled to attend and vote at all Society meetings, to receive the Journal and Newsletter and use the research area of this website. A member is welcome to join in visits and other events (subject to any space restrictions), for which there is usually a modest fee.

When joining the Society as a Member or a Joint Member (below), it is helpful if you are supported by a current member, if it all possible. Alternatively you could become a provisional member for a year before full membership. Please ask the secretary for details of provisional membership, and for any further information you may need. We do not issue a membership list.

Download Membership form here
Joint Member
Annual subscription: £70 reduced to £65 if paid by standing order
This category is the same as above, except that you can nominate another person within your family (broadly interpreted) to be a joint member. You are both able to attend all the Society’s meetings and visits but only the ‘lead’ member can vote (eg at the AGM). You will receive one set of mailings (Journal and Newsletter). 

Download Joint Membership form here
Institutional member
Annual subscription: £70 reduced to £65 if paid by standing order
The institution has the same rights as a Member and to receive one copy of the Journal and Newsletter. One member of the institution needs to be nominated as the ‘lead member’ and main contact, but up to 3 other members of the institution can also be nominated. All four people are able to attend Silver Society meetings, events and visits, as well as receive the Newsletter via email. The lead member has the right to vote as a member of the Society, on behalf of the institution.

Download Institutional Membership form here
The Early Career Silver Group (ECSG)
Early Career Silver Group (ECSG) Member
This is a special category for people under the age of 35 at the start of the subscription year (who would like to be part of this group) or anyone who is changing career or embarking in post graduate studies, regardless of their age. Benefits are the same as for a Member (see above) in addition to access to special ECSG events and opportunities 
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Annual subscription £30. 

Download ECSG Membership form here

Journal Subscriber

It is also possible to subscribe to the annual journal Silver Studies without being a full member. The subscription year starts on 1 June.
Annual subscription £25 (UK based) or £32 (based outside the UK)

Download Journal Subscriber form here