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Usually only the first entry in an article is indexed; it is recommended that the reader check the whole article for further references.

Illustrations are not separately identified except under certain headings, e.g. inventories and marks.

You are asked to bear in mind that as the parameters of research are expanded and the interests of writers shift to new topics, so too does the subject matter covered by this index. While every effort is made to be consistent, as time goes on it is inevitable that the indexing of the earlier issues may not match the more recent.

The following are not included in the index:
Those accused in trials, in Journal 18
Wakelin & Taylor clients, in Journal 21, p93
Watchcase makers, in Journal 12, p90

References marked with an asterisk relate to entries in the article in Journal 13, entitled ‘Behind the wallpaper’ (Whipham and Wright).

From 1958 to 1988, the Society’s journal was entitled The Proceedings of the Silver Society. These articles have not been fully indexed in the A-Z section but article titles do appear under Authors and are indexed in the following manner:
Ashton, Norman
A metallurgist looks at old silver II/5-6:103

The society no longer holds copies of the Proceedings but may be able to supply photocopies and the index on request.

We are working to revise and update the entries and format of this index.