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Silver Society Zoom Lectures 

Presented on 11 August 2020

Gordon Hamme, Linda Barnes and Fred Rich: Phil Barnes, A Craftsman’s Journey

Gordon Hamme and Linda Barnes talk about their recent book ‘Phil Barnes, A Craftsman’s Journey’, the life and work of the world class enameller Phil Barnes, together with the award-winning enameller Fred Rich.  Please click on this link to view.

To see a sample of Phil Barnes: a Craftsman’s Journey please click on this link: https://simplebooklet.com/wNM0iEyh6zJFGUm2YajbKI 

and to buy a copy of the book please click on this link:  https://www.festivalofsilver.co.uk/product-page/phil-barnes-a-craftsman-s-journey

Presented on 20 July 2020

Alice Minter: Harache, Margas and Pantin: Three families of celebrated Huguenot goldsmiths and their French origins

Alice Minter, Rosalinde & Arthur Gilbert Curator at the V&A, London explores the origins of three families whose descendants went on to have a significant impact on the history and design of British silver from the late seventeenth century onwards. Please click on this link to view.

Presented on 28 June 2020

Gareth Harris: Gold, Moss and Bananas

What do these three have in common?  They all created major challenges to the silversmith Gareth Harris of Smith and Harris.  In an intriguing talk he describes the challenges of working in gold as opposed to silver and explain why gold demands different working and why it is that cost is not the only reason that gold is so rarely used to make large-scale pieces.  He discusses the extraordinary difficulties posed by objects such as the life-sized gold sculpture ‘Siren’ (2008) made for the sculptor Marc Quinn of Kate Moss from 50 kilos of 18 carat gold. Please click on this link to view

Presented on 10 June 2020

Sumptuous Summits: the meetings of Henry VIII and Francis I

Sumptuous Summits: the meetings of Henry VIII and Francis I

The Silver Society is delighted to share the video of our first Zoom Lecture with everyone.
Dr Timothy Schroder gave this fascinating, live lecture twice in June, due to popular demand. The lecture celebrates the 500th anniversary of the start of the famous meeting of Henry VIII and Francis I at the Field of Cloth of Gold in 1520. Please click on this link to view.

To buy a copy of Timothy Schroder’s book, ‘A Marvel to Behold’: Gold and Silver at the Court of Henry VIII please click on this link: https://boybrew.co/Marvel

The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing

Awarded to a young silversmith under thirty
Many congratulations to the 2019 winner, Samuel Waterhouse. The award was made at Goldsmiths North, Sheffield, which was hosted in the magnificent setting of Cutlers’ Hall. Sam’s award was for a patterned vessel in fine silver (999) and Keum-boo. A full article about the award is in the 2019 edition of our journal Silver Studies.