The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2023

Entries are now closed for The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2023. The competition will be judged by an expert panel and the winner will be announced on Monday 30 October 2023 at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in London when they will receive a cash prize of £1,000. The winning piece and a profile of its maker will be included in the 2023 Silver Society Journal.   Image: Scream box by Caiyang Yin, winner of the Silver Society Prize 2022

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The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2022

Silver Society Prize THE SILVER SOCIETY PRIZE  FOR SILVERSMITHING 2022   WE ARE VERY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE WINNER IS CAIYANG YIN for his SCREAM BOX The Scream Box, made in fine silver and sterling silver and marked for 2022, is the first piece of silverware, as opposed to jewellery, that Caiyang has made. The cover of the handmade box involved chasing and repoussé work.   The judges said: we were very impressed with Caiyang’s silver Scream Box, it is a very contemporary design and it has great originality. The square silver box decorated with a man’s emotional face, has a highly sculptural aesthetic and demonstrates a unique style.  To make a square box is one of the most basic silversmithing skills, but it is challenging to achieve, requiring great accuracy and control. Caiyang’s box is very professionally made and extremely well finished.  The box can be seen in this video and other examples of Caiyang’s work can be seen on his website [Read More]

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The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2021

In 2021 we were, once again required, to run the Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing virtually and it has been decided that we will continue to use this method as it enables more craftspeople, including those from overseas, to submit entries.  Once again we had a good number of entrants, whose submissions were of a very high standard, original, very varied and intriguing.  The parameters of the Prize were slightly changed so that, rather than being open only to silversmiths under thirty-five, we could include those who were older than this but still in their first five years of working as a practicing silversmith.  This enabled entrants who have come late to the craft to apply.   Rauni Higson and Clive Burr very kindly agreed to judge the Prize and they settled on Rebecca Oldfield at the winner with her Iris Wall Sconce. They felt she was a worth winner because   Rebecca’s presentation was detailed, clear, and impressively professional.  The research and development that went [Read More]

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The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2020

Initially, because Goldsmiths North 2020 was cancelled due to Covid, the committee of the Silver Society was not sure that it was going to be able to award its annual Silversmithing Prize given to the best young silversmith exhibiting at the show but, after discussion, the decision was made to run the competition virtually.  Entrants were asked to make their submission online either as a video or a portfolio of a specially made, or a pre-existing piece of silver.  We asked that the submission should include images of the piece, a description of its manufacture and the hallmarks as well as design drawings and a commentary on the sources of inspiration.  The award was made at the end of 2020: too late for it to be announced in the Silver Society Journal for that year.   In the end twenty-four entries of a very high standard were submitted and, because the competition was run virtually, we had entries from Europe and the United States as well [Read More]

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