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The articles listed below appeared in The Silver Society Journal (1990-2003) and Silver Studies the Journal of the Silver Society (2004 onwards)

The first number refers to the issue and the second to the page number 

Short biographical details of authors are included at the front of Journal issues 1-24.

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Adolph, Anthony:
Thomas Hickin, Catholic goldsmith   14/90

Albainy, Tracey:
Hanoverian royal plate in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston   14/14
German silver in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston  19/105

Alcorn, Eleanor:
Introduction: new perspectives on rococo silver 20/8

AndrewJohn: A Sterling Renaissance: British Silver Design 1957-2018            35/21

Malcolm Appleby: 50 Golden Years in Scotland 35/54

Aschengreen Piacenti, Kirsten:

 Medici mounted hardstone vessels in the Pitti Palace     5/206                                                                                                                

Ashton, Norman:
A metallurgist looks at old silver   II/5-6:103

Baker, Malcolm:
‘Most curious and costly’; the silver made for William Beckford of Fonthill    II/11:213

Baños, Fernando Gutiérrez:

The chalice of Bishop Bustamante   11/233

Banister, Judith:
A postscript to the Barnard ledgers   III/1:38
Identity parade: the Barnard ledgers   II/9-10:165
Pepys and the goldsmiths   I/10:9
Pocket nutmeg graters   II/2:45
Silver of the Channel Islands   II/75
Some ingredients of silver toilet services   II/2:37
A basketmaker’s accounts with some 18th century silversmiths    I/9:21

Barker, Robert B:
Jamaican goldsmiths, assayers and their marks from 1665—1765   III/5:133
Jamaican goldsmiths — some early 18th century inventories   III:7-9:190
Proposals for an assaying system in Pennsylvania 1753-1770  2/75
See also Beet, Brian

Barker, Robert and Beet, Brian:

A ‘Sterling’ mark employed by Joseph Richardson Sr                   11/230

Barlow, T.E.:
A badge and a ticket for the Wine Label Circle  4/158

Barrett, Geoffrey:
The Haslewood family of Norwich   I/3:7
G.N. The Norwich assay: 1564—1702   II/7-8:124

Barry, Clare:
see Eatwell, Ann

Beasley, David:
Thomas Maundy: some aspects of the life of a 17th century goldsmith  II/7-9:178
Rule Britannia! three hundred years of ‘23 carat silver’  9/532

Beecroft, John
On collecting wine labels   II/2:34

Beet, Brian:
Foreign snuffbox makers in eighteenth century London  14/49
Huguenot refugees from Anjou  10/12
John Pickhaver   14/95
Thomas Hyde and his successors  10/16

Beet and Barker, Robert B.:
A ‘Sterling’ mark employed by Joseph Richardson Sr   11/230

Begeer, Sebastiaan:
Vocational training in the Netherlands  9/579

Bell, Chris:
The Pingo family and eighteenth-century hallmarking  19/41
See also McKinley, David

Benedikz, Phyllis:
The early records of Birmingham Assay Office  16/103
See also Priestley, Philip

Benney, Simon:
Dining silver of the Institute of Chartered Accountants  19/149

Bentley, Peter:

Changes to the Hallmarking Act 22/115

Bernbaum, Anthony:
More light on the Liberty Cymric metalwork Venture. An evaluation of the contribution of Oliver Baker 26/98

 Silver ceremonial trowels    31/99                                                                                

Bimbenet-Privat, Michèle and Mitchell, David:
Words or Images: descriptions of plate in England and France
1660-1700   15/47

Bleuzen, Alice:
The French origins of the Harache, Margas and Pantin families 28/12

Bliss, Simon:
Thoroughly modern: reflections on the work of Jean Puiforcat   15/141
‘Cubistic claptrap’ ? Erik Magnussen’s The Light and Shadows of Manhattan of 1927  21/113
Museum focus: New displays. The Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris 22/77

Boughton, Peter:
A pair of silver seal matrices for the County Palatine of Chester  7/409
Chester’s new silver gallery  4/145
Museum acquisitions. Grosvenor Museum Chester  14/143

Breckenridge, Jean:
Robert E. Stone (1903-90)  15/150

Brett, Simon:

St Dunstan’s Day dinner 23/12

Brett, Vanessa:

A century of sales  7/357                                                                                                          

A coda on John Duck                                                                                                      14/106

Chains of office and a ‘Jews Cup’: Richard Hoare’s purchases from John

Curghey and John Kemp in his mayoral year                                                                   22/27

Comment. Pursuit of truth via the Internet                                                                       16/24

Forgotten books. Catalogue of the Royal Naval Exhibition, 1891      22/82                               

 Forty years on                                                                                                              10/4

Getting involved in silver                                                                                               21/4

Legal miscellany. An efficient owner, Catholic thieves, a Jewish fence and

a new deal                                                                                                                     15/95

Members who make silver                                                                                              13/4

Miscellany: Treasure and Privateering                                                                           23/118

New work. Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2005: Metal                                                        21/122

Ongoing research. The Harache family                                                                          21/8

Portraits of silversmiths                                                                                                 22/26

Recent acquisition: The perils and pleasures of shopkeeping                                           23/96

Rod Kelly silversmith                                                                                                    4/139

Silver today: the role of the client                                                                                   8/514

The Bute House silver collection                                                                                    13/9

‘The Compleat Appraiser’. An eighteenth-century manual and the valuing

of plate                                                                                                                         15/97

The early years                                                                                                             23/7

The great (and lesser) toyshops                                                                                      16/117

The Padgett and Braham archive                                                                                   21/14

Miscellany: Treasure and Privateering                                                                           23/118

Thomas Whipham: Behind the wallpaper                                                                        13/109

Twentieth century silver from Clarence House                                                                14/5

Miscellany: Treasure and Privateering                                                                           23/118

Brett, Vanessa and Sale, Anthony:

John White: some recent research 8/465

Buck, Alex:
Silver by Leslie Durbin at New College, Oxford  10/103

Buckingham, David and Jane Ringrose:
The Foundress’s Cup of Pembroke College, Cambridge 25/14

Burstyn, Dorothea:
A Canadian wine jug 23/69
The evolution of dining habits, modes of entertaining and marketing methods as revealed by American silver makers’ ‘etiquette’ books 25/19

Cameron, Peter:
Henry Jernegan, Charles Frederick Kandler and the client who
changed his mind  8/487
The first ‘castle tops’. A short examination of some Birmingham
topographical souvenirs and their makers 1825-38   12/65
A cup stolen from Frederick Kandler   14/95

Times past. A child’s memories of Harman & Co., 177 New Bond Street, London, 1914-1920                                 21/11

Cartier, Nicole and Isabelle:
The Elie Pacot surtout  6/296

Cartier, Nicole:

People. Profile of a distinguished French silver collector and scholar in her own words                            22/15

Carver Weiss, Beth:

English silver in an American museum. The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute                               4/115

The Verplanck family silver: fashion and politics in colonial New York  20/104

Cassidy-Geiger, Maureen:
‘Quelque chose de beau et de bon gôut’: a silver gilt toilet service for the
Dresden Doppelhochzeit of 1747  20/46
Ein neues silbern Französisches Tafel Service: Linking the Penthièvre-Orléans service to Dresden 22/123
Sugar and silver into porcelain: The conditorei and court dining in Dresden under Augustus III 22/152

Gold boxes as diplomatic gifts: archival resources in Dresden                                   31/48

A lemon tree for the Prime Minister’s table? Two drawings in Dresden for a silver centrepiece for Heinrich, Count von Brühl    32/29

Drawings for silver in the Hauptstaatsarchiv in Dresden                                                 33/5

Citroen, Karel:
My favourite fake   III/3:73
Some Dutch fakes and forgeries   II/5-6:89
Silver in a painting by Jeremias van Winghen  5/239
The faking Feeterses  13/123
Rembrandt’s Sophonisba   14/92

Clarke, Julia:

New Geneva                                                                                                                  19/18

Clayton, M.D.G.:
Archery prizes and medals   I/11:17

Clements, Eric:
Modern silver design   I/8:26

Clifford, Helen:
Silver in context: The Watkin Lewes silver table  2/61
Calculating goldsmiths  6/276
Goldsmiths of invention: hidden connections and alternative
occupations  9/574
Nicholas Herrick  9/575
The Vulliamys and the silversmiths 1793-1817  10/96
Of consuming cares: attitudes to silver in the eighteenth century   12/53
Verve and Vision: Paul Dyson at the Goldsmiths’ Company 2001-2013, 29/109

A portrait of Robert Garrard II (1793-1881)                                                                    31/46

Clifford, Helen and Sale, Anthony:

Museum focus: Gloucester                                                                                              16/28

Coates, Kevin:
The Angel’s Wing  5/222

Cohen, Frederick E. :
Silversmithing in the Channel Islands  9/538

Conroy, Rachel:
Letters from America: James Dixon & Sons and the American market, 1835-63  21/105

Miscellany: Two lost epergnes                                                                                        22/44
The work and legacy of the Sheffield Artcrafts Guild. 23/47
Two years of silver at Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum of Wales. 27/91

Constable, David:
The Ellis catalogues   14/128

Cooper, Alison:

The Sparke Cup                                                                                                             32/65

Corbin, Donna and Malenka, Sally:
A Magnificent Deception: the re-evaluation of a pot à oille from the Parisian Service in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art 28/62

Cousins, Julian:
Pierre Harache I and II  19/71

Coutts, Howard:
Silver at the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham 25/79

Crawford, Claire:
The Knesworth Chandelier: a silver branch in memory of Sir Thomas Knesworth 27/27
The Portsmouth lectern: the commission of a lectern for the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers 29/112

Crosskey, Gordon:

A case of late payment                                                                                                     28/112

Joseph Wilson, factor: the unknown plater and silversmith                                         32/5

The early development of the plated trade                                                                        12/27

Sheffield Plate and the Rococo style                                                                                33/10

 “Wasting a great quantity of silver”                                                                               29/12

Culme, John:
Beauty and the beast; the growth of mechanisation in the trade   II/9-10:158
The most shocking fakes’  2/86
A devoted attention to business: An obituary of Philip Rundell  2/91
The new approach   10/7
The embarrassed goldsmith, 1729-1831. Eighteenth century
failures in the London jewellery and silver trades   10/66
Trade of fancy: new findings from eighteenth century London   12/98
The ‘goose in a dotted circle’   14/97

Cunningham, Jessica:

John Cuthbert: a portrait of a late seventeenth-century Dublin goldsmith                          32/79

Curb, Charles S., Hood, William P, and Olso, John R.:
Gorham’s Knickerbocker, etched: Japanese inspired American Flatware 28/173

Curb, Charles S; Olson, John R and Hood, William P and:

Gorham’s Knickerbocker, etched: Japanese inspired American Flatware                          28/153

Dane, P.P.R.:
A French chalice in Portsmouth  I/8:7

Davidson, Cathlyn:

A portrait of a Chester goldsmith: Richard Richardson IV (1755-1822)                             31/66

Davidson, Simon:
John Denziloe of London. A goldsmith working in Aldersgate 1774-1805  16/125
Tackle House Porters  16/130

– and Cathlyn Davidson:
Chester silver: two short articles   14/129
Peter Hopwood: a goldsmith in Preston  21/43
Goldsmiths that keep Running Cashes: Seventeenth-century commissioning agents for obtaining and retailing plate                       27/97
John and SamuelRichardson: Seventeenth-century goldsmiths, their marks and lives 26/5

De Vasconcelos e Sousa, Gonçalo:

Luiz Ferreira and Manuel Alcino                                                                                    16/19

Oporto’s Rococo silversmith. João Coelho de S Paio (1719-84)      15/100                                  

Deelder, Theo:
Andrew Moore of Bridewell: almost forgotten and disguised?   11/178
Update on the Windsor Castle table   14/20

Delamer, Ida:
Irish freedom boxes   III/1-2:18

Delamer, Ida and O’Brien, Conor:

Dublin hallmarks. A reappraisal of date letters used 1638-1756                                        11/158

Dicks, Sophia:
‘Perfume for a lady’s chamber’ – a seventeenth-century perfume burner 23/141

Dietert, Rodney R. and Dietert, Janice M.:
The ‘figure-between’ goldsmiths of eighteenth-century Edinburgh 21/49
James Mitchelson – his legacy restored 21/53

Dobie, Kirkpatrick:
The siller gun 10/44
A medallion for the ‘Siller Gun’  13/61

Dolan, Nicholas:
Newcastle silver in the collection of the Laing Art Gallery 9/534

Donohoe, Ted:
Quebec captured — Dublin rejoices  14/124
A silver bottle shade  14/126

Dove, Anthony B.L.:
Refunding of duty on the export of silver 4/130
House of Commons sessional papers  12/85
Top marking on flatware  14/123

Other societies. The Arms and Armour Society                                                                21/10

Plate duty. Its origins, marks and variations 22/105
Further observations on plate duty and its marks 23/111

Down, Ferelith:
Coin clipping and the window tax  II/7-8:114

Drysdale, Arthur:

The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2017                                                             33/168

du Boulay, A.J.H.:
Some parallels in silver and ceramic forms  I/7:18

Dunlop, Francis:
Sybil Dunlop (1894-1968) 15/138

Eatwell, Ann:
Capital lying dead: attitudes to silver in the nineteenth century 12/59
Furnishing a late Victorian dinner table 23/53

– and Clare Barry:
Nonconformist silver in England 21/59

Edge, V.E., A.M. and J.J.:
The colour of enamels on germanium and traditional Sterling silver alloys 19/161

Ellis, Martin:
Collecting contemporary silver at Birmingham Museum
& Art Gallery 16/4

Elwes, Rachel Layton:
A new addition to African American silver  13/14
The Croft cups: a note on their provenance  13/62

English, Christopher:
The Silver Trust  13/10
Golden Jubilee commissions  15/166

Evans, David:
Changes to the Hallmarking Act 1973  11/129

Fairclough, Oliver:
Mrs Strangways’s silver 8/474

The Williams Centrepiece                                                                                              34/39

Fales, Martha Gandy:
The letter book of Joseph Richardson  III/5:127

Fallon, John:
The Goulds and Cafes, candlestick makers  II/9-10:146
Two covered cups with stands 10/117
Researching the Barnard Ledgers  13/128
The House of Barnard 25/42
The Pottinger plate 29/89

Fennimore, Donald L.:
American bird-decorated spoons  13/27

Men at Play: The Tale of Armorial Silver Punch Bowl                                                     35/37

Fewster, Mary:
Norfolk goldsmiths  14/87

Fitzgerald, Alison:
Oliver St George’s passion for plate 22/33

Forbes, John S:
Fakes and forgeries in silver  I/2:4
Change of date letter at the London Assay Office  12/82
Eighteenth century ‘duty dodgers’  13/119

Fortescue, William Irvine:

Alexander Aitchison I and Alexander Aitchison II:Edinburgh goldsmiths of the eighteenth century             33/35

James Ker, 1700-1745: Master goldsmith and Edinburgh politician 27/33                               

James Ker and Ker and Dempster, 1745-68                                                                    28/117

Fothringham, Henry Stuart:
The records of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of
Edinburgh 5/187
Silver appearing before the Reviewing Committee on the Export of
Works of Art 1953-1993 6/302
The Darnley Jewel  13/52
The Strathmore silver inventory of 1695  13/81
Scottish goldsmiths’ apprenticeships  14/79
Saint Eloi (circa 588-660). Patron saint of Scottish goldsmiths 15/7
Scottish goldsmiths’ weights  15/68
The over-optimism of Octavius Morgan  15/114

Fox, Ross
Robert Cruickshank, silversmith of London and Montreal 23/83
English silversmiths and goldsmiths in Canada during the Eighteenth century 26/69
Lois Etherington Betteridge, Pioneer of a craft Revival in Canada 25/5

Fritz, J.M.
Protestant communion plate in Germany  19/112

People. Marc Rosenberg (1851-1930) Art historian and collector      21/41                              

Gadd, Jan and Homer, Ronald
Fake and pseudo silver marks on pewter 10/46

Garibaldi, Christopher
see Jones, Kathryn 21/25

Gill, Margaret A.V.
Newcastle silversmiths  II/11-13:180

Glanville, Philippa
Robert Amadas, goldsmith, court jeweller to King Henry VIII  III/5:106
Chinese porcelain and the English goldsmiths, circa 1550—1650  III/6:156
People: Lionel Crichton and a library acquisition 19/110
People 22/15
Problems of mounted objects  III/7-9:229
People interview with Richard Vander 23/17

– and Gordon Glanville
‘French fancy’ silver from Paris and English patrons  20/16

Glynn, Gale
Heraldry on English silver  III/1-2:6
Some tontines commemorated on English plate 8/445
Royal heraldry on silver 1714-1837  14/21
Criminal proceedings involving silver and silversmiths  15/79
Richard Meyrick — an English engraver working in Philadelphia 19/65
The Ormond(e) titles 23/121

Glyn-Jones, William:

Silver for Spence’s Sussex University: The gift of specially commissioned silver water jugs to the first ‘New University’ of the 1960s            27/74  

Godwin, Joselyn:

George Barton Cutten and American coin silver                                                             31/68

Queen Anne’s Gift of Silver to the Onodaga Indian Chapel                            34/22                   

Goldsborough, Jennifer F. :
Fit for a gentleman’s table: revised thoughts on rococo silver in Maryland 20/86

Goodall, John:
Gold and silver in the ancient Far East  III/5:124

Goodway, Eileen:
The Rapilliart family. David Willaume, his son, their
apprentices – part I 10/56
David Willaume and his apprentices, part II: further research  11/140
Gleanings on Daniel Garnier  12/125
Ongoing research 16/124

Grant, Ronald:
Drawback and Smuggling  4/131
The Ireby cup 9/581

Gray, P.C. :
A Cambridge Wait’s badge  I/9:20
Drinking vessels of the 17th and 18th centuries  I/2:9

Griffin, Eric:
The account book of William Palmer, Master engraver 1735-1812 10/53

Grimshaw, Margaret:
The three Gabriels  II/7-8:141
Why school medals?  III/5:137

Grimwade, Arthur:
Earl Fitzwalter’s London household accounts  I/2:9
The Garrard ledgers  I/4:1
The auctioneer and his public  I/10:7
Some treasures of Anglo-Jewish silver  II/1:11
The rise and fall of Rococo  II/5-6:91
Georgian church plate  II/11-13:222
Michael Clayton: A tribute 2/103
A Tudor plate inventory examined  4/124
Judith Banister: A tribute 5/242
New light on the English Royal plate 7/369
Cardinal Wolsey’s plate 9/573
Silver in eighteenth century wills 9/583
London goldsmiths 1697-1837: Additions to biographical entries 9/605
Paul de Lamerie’s bills 10/60

– and J. Banister:
A case of mistaken identity; Thomas Jenkins  II/11-13:105

Gubbins, Martin:
The assay office and silversmiths of York 1776—1858  III/3:74
Re-discovering Paul Storr’s grave 6/288
Close plate  12/41
Marks on close plate  15/115

Gutiérrez Baños, Fernando:

The chalice of Bishop Bustamante                       11/233

Hagemann, Alfred:
New discoveries concerning the Berlin silver buffet 22/117
A Prussian rediscovery – two Elizabeth chain bottles in Oranienburg Palace 23/135

Halliwell, E.O. :
The so-called Buddha knops of Barnstaple  I/9:3

Hare, Susan M:
English silver since the fifties  III/7-9:207
The history of the Goldsmiths’ Company from their records  II/11-13:174
A tribute to Paul de Lamerie 4/160

Harris, Loretta and Mckay, Tinker:
Chapel Plate for Nova Scotia 28/24

Harris, Lee; May, Brian; Phillips, Richard; Joy, Rachel and O’Donnell, Craig: 
Robert Mitchell: a Birmingham silversmith in the early nineteenth century                       33/97

Hartop, Christopher:
New light on Spanish seventeenth-century silver  1/5
Patrons and consumers: buying silver in eighteenth-century London 20/34
Norwich goldsmiths 1700-1800 21/73
Sir Robert Walpole’s silver 29/24

Sir Robert Walpole’s Silver (Special issue)                                                                     30/3

Hawker, Peter:
The Lincoln Cathedral treasury of diocesan plate  I/7:8
The Cunliffe beaker 9/580
Lincolnshire makers of church plate  11/185

Hawkins, John:
Alexander Crichton and Through the Looking Glass, 27/104

Chinese silversmiths working in Nagasaki between 1660 and 1800          33/139 

 A Siamese Ambassadorial Gift to Louis XIV                                                                    34/49

Hayward, Helena
English rococo designs for silver  II/3-4:70

Hayward, John
Ambassadors’ plate  I/3:4
Erasmus Hornick and Mannerist silver of the 16th century  I/7:14
Silver mounts on firearms  I/8:13
The goldsmith’s designs of Hans Holbein  I/11:22
A William & Mary pattern-book for silversmiths  II/1:18
An introduction to heraldic engraving  II/2:43
Royal silversmiths of the Regency  II/3-4:58
The destruction of Nuremberg silver by the Goldsmiths’ Company  II/11-13:195

Hayward, Maria:
The storage and transport of Oxford silver  11/245

Hennell, Percy:
The Hennell family of silversmiths  I/11:3

Hill, Richard:
A cone cut obliquely. The work of Michael Rowe 16/13
A conversation with Stanley Hill 19/151

Hofman, Louise:
Contemporary Judaica made in Britain and America 21/127

Holmes, Paul:

Communion spoons in the City of London                                                                        32/5

Homer, Roger:
See Rabinovitch, B. Seymour  4/160

Homer, Ronald:
See Gadd, Jan  10/46

Hood, William P, Olso, John R. and Curb, Charles S. :
Gorham’s Knickerbocker, etched: Japanese inspired American Flatware. 28/173

Hoyle, Ralph:
Candlesticks for Sir William Heathcote  11/252

Hughes, Graham:

Louis Osman 1914-96                                                                                                    8/518

Robert Welch obituary   12/143

Hull, Charles:
Four missing cups   12/127

Hull, Robin:
The Elkt, the Faup and the Jack o’Dells  15/155

Hunt, John:
The Limerick mitre and crozier  I/9:25

Hunt, Simon:
The diaries of Henry Ellis of Exeter  II/11-13:210

Hutchin, Scarlett:
The Croll Testimonial: its history, construction and restoration 29/84

Hyman, John A. :
Indian Colonial feeders 4/150
Skewers at Colonial Williamsburg 8/508
Marrow scoops and spoons at Colonial Williamsburg 9/602

Immonen, Visa:
Goldsmiths and their products in Finland circa 1200 to 1600 25/84

Inglis, Brand:
The Silversmiths of Lynn   II/7-8:135
An ostrich egg cup by Lawrence Gilbert of Colchester 9/570

Irmscher, Günther:
Hans Petzolt and Christoph Jamnitzer: the collaboration of two
Nuremberg goldsmiths 4/147

Itakura, Ushio:

John Scofield – a glimpse of his family history and silversmiths in Bell Yard      33/110               

James, Jolyon Warwick:
The Collins caster: A Tasmanian survivor 2/71
A European heritage: nineteenth-century silver in Australia  15/133

Jenstad, Janelle Auriol:
The Gouldesmythes Storehowse. Early evidence for specialisation 10/40

Johns, Peter:
Firestain resistant silver alloys 10/106

Johnson, Paul:
The Lyon and Twinam forgeries  III/1-2:25

Johnson, Charlotte:

Testimonial: The Life Story of a Monumental Vase                                                          34/123

Johnson, Sally:
The Sussex Yeomanry, a collection of military plate 28/146

Jones, Bruce:

A Presentation Silver Nail                                                                                              34/111

Business succession in Gutter Lane                                                                                 32/21

Mr Robinson’s conviction for counterfeit marks                                                               23/107

The Wine Label Circle                                                                                                    22/76

Patterns of occupation around Goldsmiths’ Hall                                                              26/42

Sandylands Drinkwater: the progress of a smallworker establishing a  business     28/50        

Jones, Kathryn and Garibaldi, Christopher:
Crespin or Sprimont? A question revisited 21/25
Bruce Other societies 22/76

Jones, Kathryn:
Prince Albert and Elkingtons 27/5

 ‘A peep at the spoils of ambition’, Napoleon’s plate in the Royal Collection                    32/57

Jones, William Glyn:
Silver for Spence’s Sussex University, 27/74

Jowett, Judy:
The Warning Carriers 18/1
Trade cards @ 23/99
The Le Sage family of Goldsmiths circa 1695 to 1812 28/153

Lewis Cuny and Henry Hebert, goldsmiths (1663-1733 to 1764)           32/31                            

Kaellgren, Peter:
Chinese Yixing stoneware teapots as a source of English Silver design 1675-1830 26/50
French influence in a toilet service by David Willaume 4/162
The Clayton family of goldsmiths and jewellers circa 1658-1743 9/590
Princess Amelia’s strainer 14/37
The Lee collection, Toronto  15/174
Royal Ontario Museum, Recent Acquisitions: Posy Holders 26/96

Kellett, Ronald:
Thomas Harper — Masonic jeweller  II/3-4:67

Kelly, Rod:
Silversmith 4/139

Kent, Timothy Arthur:
Edward Sweet: a west country silversmith  II/5-6:100
The Goldsmiths of Falmouth  II/9-10:155
Gabriel Felling, goldsmith of Bruton  II/11-13:219
The Southcomb family spoon  III/1-2:38
The great days of Exeter silver: 1700—50  III/3:53
When goldsmiths dare — the story of a Taunton family  III/4:82
Salisbury silver and its makers 1550—1700  III/5:114
Some Tudor and Stuart wills and inventories  III/7-9:183
Exeter silver — the later phase 1750—1883  III/7-9:223
Decorative features of 17th century English provincial silver spoons  III/7-9:234
Salisbury silver and its makers 1550-1700 3/1
Warminster silver  10/20
West Country freedom boxes  13/103
A breast jewel of the Ancient Order of Free Gardeners  15/104
The Earl of Romney’s silver: an important auction of 1704/05 16/81
Thomas Harper, Masonic jeweller and the jewels of his period 19/13
From members’ collections. A snuff box with a story 22/101
Two Historic Boxes 27/83

– and Schrager, Luke:
Thicker than water, the Chawners and their connections 25/33
Adam Murray and his two boxes: a family story 29/20

– and Wilson, Timothy:
The Tichborne Celebrities 9/559

Kirkus, Sister M. Gregory:
A recusant monstrance 9/582

Langdon, John
Notes on some Canadian silversmiths  I/3:11

A snuff box with a story 22/101

Latham, Patrick
Some comparisons: silver, glass and pottery  III/1-2:10

Law, Edward J.
Some provincial Irish silver lotteries 7/412

Layton Elwes, Rachel: 

A new addition to African American silver                                                                      13/14

The Croft cups: a note on their provenance                                                                    13/62

Le Rossignol, Peter:
Bullion-dealing and trading in the eighteenth century 22/45

Lightbown, R.W.:
Christian van Vianen at the court of Charles I  II/1:2

Lipscombe, S.:
The old silver of Australia  I/7:7

Lloyd, Michael:

Debate. Shelf life 19/147

Lokalova, Olga:

The Orlov Service: Newly Discovered Letters from Jacques and Jacques-Nicolas Roettiers                        34/7

Lösel, Eva Maria:
Swiss Silver  III/7-9:203

Lomax, James
The grandeur of plate: four hundred years of country house silver
at Temple Newsam 6/256
Family silver returns to Temple Newsam 9/610
Royalty and silver: The role of the Jewel House in the eighteenth
century  11/133
Robert Rowe, Obituary 25/109

Lopato, Marina
Notes on some celebrated pieces of English Silver in the Hermitage Collection 28/34

Malenka, Sally and Corbin, Donna
A Magnificent Deception: the re-evaluation of a pot à oille from the Parisian Service in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art 28/62

May, Brian – Phillips, Richard – Pemberton, Mandy, and O’Donnell, Craig
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

May, Brian; Phillips, Richard and O’Donnell, Craig:

Thomas and Joseph Willmore and James Alston, John Yapp and John Woodward: silversmiths of Birmingham                  31/32

May, Brian; Phillips, Richard; Harris, Lee; Joy, Rachel and O’Donnell, Craig:

Robert Mitchell: a Birmingham silversmith in the early nineteenth century                       33/97

Mayhew, Nicholas
Currency and plate: Some thoughts based on Oxford coinage and
the Civil War  11/236

McFarlan, Gordon
Robert Gray & Son: goldsmiths of Glasgow  11/211

McGill, Lyndsay:

Alexander Crichton, a Scottish silversmith and the sailing Marquess  33/73

McKay, Tinker and Harris, Lauretta:

Chapel Plate for Nova Scotia                                                                                         28/24

McKinley, David
AH crowned cinquefoil below and HA crowned cinquefoil below. A
possible attribution 16/77

McKinley, David and Bell, Chris:
The Pingo family and eighteenth-century hallmarking 19/41
See also Bell, Chris

Medvei, V.C.
Collecting silver in Roman days  I/7:19
The cult of the teaspoon  III/6:164
The military Maria-Teresa order  I/10:17
The mystery of the Beresford plate  I/9:24

Micio, Paul
Early French surtouts 19/79

A French drawing for a candlestick at the Yale Center                                                    32/18

Millner, Arthur
Bhuj silver  13/12

Mitchell, David
Marks, Manwarings and Moore: the use of the ‘AM in monogram’
mark 1650-1700  11/168
‘To Alderman Backwells for the candlsticks for Mr Coventry’. The
manufacture and sale of plate at The Unicorn, Lombard
Street, 1663-72  12/111
See also Bimbenet-Privat, Michèle

Molyneux, Bridget
An Edwardian collection: Scandinavian folk jewellery at Preston
Manor 7/416

Montagu, Jennifer
The practice of Roman baroque silver sculpture  12/18

Mortlock, D.P.
Thomas Coke and the family silver 9/552

Morton, James
Commemorative medals 5/212

Morton, Lucy:

Jenny Edge                                                                                                                   29/116

Miriam Hanid                                                                                                               29/114

On the market recently. The Gough tea caddies                                                              11/256

On the market recently                                                                                                  16/145

The Journal                                                                                                                  23/14

The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2014                                                             31/121

The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2015                                                             32/56

The Silver Society Prize for Silversmithing 2016                                                             33/165

Silversmith under thirty                                                                                                 35/107

Munro, Caroline
Collecting by two  I/8:4

Murdoch, Tessa:
The Courtaulds: silversmiths for three generations 1708—80  III/4:88
Ducal splendour: silver for a military hero. The Elie Pacot ewer and basin made for John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough 22/5
Cricket Trophies 27/67
Silver at the French Hospital 25/63
The James II coronation cup and the culture of gifts and perquisites in Stuart and Hanoverian coronations 26/32

A glimpse of the apprentice William Hogarth engraving his master’s                 31/63 

Personal Favourites: a Royal Christening Gift and Other Christening Gifts in the Victoria & Albert Museum Collections               34/52

Murdoch, Tessa and Schofield, John:

A memorial to Paul Storr                                                                                               33/159

Needham, David
Old Sheffield plate and the early wine label 16/113

Mrs G.E.P. How 16/142

O’Brien, Conor
The early records of the Dublin Goldsmiths Company  12/80
Some misidentified Munster goldsmiths  13/31
In search of the Duke of Ormond’s wine cistern and fountain 15/63
See also Delamer, Ida
The ‘Plunkett’ spoons – a reappraisal 22/83

O’Donnell, Craig – Pemberton, Mandy – May, Brian and Phillips, Richard
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

O’Donnell, Craig; May, Brian, Phillips, Richard; Harris, Lee and Joy, Rachel:

Robert Mitchell: a Birmingham silversmith in the early nineteenth century 33/97

Olso, John R., – Hood, William P, and Curb, Charles S.
Gorham’s Knickerbocker, etched: Japanese inspired American Flatware 28/173

Oman, Charles
The influence of English silver on foreign silver  I/1:3
Some sidelights on the assay office in the reign of Charles II  I/3:12
The Ghent touch-plates and early London makers’ marks   I/7:13
The beginning of silver collecting  I/8:18
The civic gifts to Charles II  II/3-4:54
The nursery plate of the Old Pretender  II/3-4:66

Packer, Daniel
Christoph Jamnitzer’s Metamorphosis beakers 16/57

Payne, Michael
The 1937 ‘Coronation hallmark’ 21/103

Pearson, David
Bookbinders and goldsmiths: their tools and trade in Oxford  11/240

Kurt Ticher’s research and collection of Irish silver 16/25

Pemberton, Mandy – May, Brian – Phillips, Richard and O’Donnell, Craig
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

Penzer, Norman
An index of English silver steeple cups  I/6:1

Percival, Piers
John Evans, maker of steeple cups  12/128
A set of Apostle statuettes  13/40
Maker’s mark a heart. Could this be the work of Robert Amadas? 16/35
Patrick Brewe: an Elizabethan goldsmith with theatrical connections 32/68

Richard Hanberry, circa 1531-1608: Rogue or Entrepreneur 35/25

Perkins, John
Goldsmiths from Lancashire and York parish registers 29/5

Pestell, Tim
Silver and silverworking in Anglo-Saxon East Anglia 19/137

Peterkin, Keith Grant
A mystery spanning five hundred years  III/1-2:36

Peyronnin , Addie:

Barkentin & Krall: grand commissions from a Philadelphia patron 33/22

Phillips, Anthony
Turtle surfaces 9/616
Lying at the King of England’s feet and haunting the King of
Prussia’s elbow  13/95
Jean-Frédéric Baer’s cup  15/107
Yvonne Hackenbroch:an obituary 28/180

Phillips, Richard – May, Brian – Pemberton, Mandy, and O’Donnell, Craig
New light on Samuel Pemberton I and his descendants: Birmingham toy makers, jewellers and silversmiths 29/91

Phillips, Richard: May, Brian; Harris, Lee; Joy, Rachel and O’Donnell, Craig:

Robert Mitchell: a Birmingham silversmith in the early nineteenth century 33/97

Phillips, Richard; O’Donnell, Craig and May, Brian:

Thomas and Joseph Willmore and James Alston, John Yupp and John Woodward: silversmiths of Birmingham. 31/32

Piacenti, Kirsten Aschengreen
Medici mounted hardstone vessels in the Pitti Palace  5/206

Pinn, Keith
Paktong  12/38

Priestley, Philip
Early watchcase-makers and their marks 1631-1720 10/29
Watchcase-maker’s marks in the missing register of 1739-58  12/90
The early records of Birmingham Assay Office 16/103
See also Benedikz, Phyllis

Pudney, Stephen
Connell’s of Cheapside: ‘Pioneers of modern artistic silverware’  11/223
The Keswick School of Industrial Arts: A Victorian experiment
in artistic philanthropy 12/134

Quickenden, Kenneth
Boulton and Fothergill’s Silversmiths 7/342
Silver, ‘plated’ and silvered products from the Soho Manufactory,
1780 10/77
‘Lyon-faced’ candlesticks and candelabra 11/196
Boulton & Fothergill’s bullion supplies for assay silver 12/45
Elizabeth Montagu’s service of plate Part 1 16/131
Elizabeth Montagu’s service of plate, part 2 19/19
Richard Chippindall and the Boultons 22/51

Rabinovitch, B.Seymour
The patina of antique silver, a scientific appraisal 1/13

– and Homer, Roger
A new gilding technique by use of gold sols 4/160

Ransome Wallis, Rosemary:

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and its patronage of the art medal today 5/217

Reason, Robert:

Card Eduard Firnhaber: South Australia’s first gold and silversmith 31/68

Renton, Andrew
Sir Charles Jackson 19/144

Adi Toch, Wide Open: a new silver commission for the P&O Makower Trust Collection at Amgueddfa Cymru (National Museum Wales) 31/117

Admiral Edward Russell’s silver andirons 33/57

Richardson, Jackie
First day cup returns to Sheffield Assay Office 16/112
Léonard Morel Ladeuil  15/124

Ridgway, Maurice
Some Chester goldsmiths  I/9:6

Ringrose, Jayne, see Buckingham (above)

Ringrose, Jayne and Buckingham, David:

The Foundress’s Cup of of Pembroke College, Cambridge 26/14

Risch-Stolz, Marianne
A Welcome to the Brother 5/235

Ritchie, Helen
A Superb Service of Toilette Plate’: historicist plate in the Royal Collecton 28/101

Rock, Joe
Robert Gordon, goldsmith and Richard Cooper, engraver 19/49

Rothwell, James
An armorial epergne. The return of silver to Montacute House, Somerset 22/21
‘A vast quantity of handsome plate’: recent acquisitions by the National Trust 25/29
From Copes to Crowns: A History of Silver at Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire 27/17

Recusants and Race Horses: the silver of Coughton Court, Warwickshire 35/69

Rowe, Robert
Neo-classical silver in England  I/5:1

Sachs, Sir Eric
Silver belonging to the Middle Temple  I/8:20

Sale, Anthony J.H.
Goldsmiths of Gloucestershire 1500-1800  2/74
Another Gloucester maker’s mark 4/146
Laceback trefid spoons 4/153
Records of plate of the Beaufort family in the Badminton House
archives and elsewhere  7/381
Laceback trefid spoons, a further note  13/61
Made in Gloucestershire 16/47
Four Nonconformist communion cups for Gloucester 19/78
The Sherborne archives 22/47
Silver in medieval probate inventories of the diocese of York 26/113

Plate tax 23/114

– and Brett, Vanessa
John White: some recent research 8/465

Sale, Anthony and Clifford, Helen:

Museum Focus: Gloucester 16/28

– and Thompson, Eleanor
The Duke of Beaufort’s surtout
by Thomas Germain 9/544

Salter, John
Salter, John The silversmiths of Banff and their marks  III/1-2:13
Salter, John Tain silversmiths 1660—1870  III/5:140
Silver in East Anglia  III/7-9:194
Salter, John The silver from Water Newton and the law of treasure trove  III/3:50

Sanders, G.S.
Sanders, G.S. An Admiralty barge badge of 1736  I/10:7
A gold cup  I/10:17

Savigny, Brigitte von
Daydreams and mermaids 2/81

Schlosberg, David:

Sugar nips, nippers or tea tongs – and a specialist maker 15/119

Schmieglitz-Otten, Juliane:

Out of the darkness into the light: early baroque Homage gifts presented to the House of Hanover 32/88

Schmitt, Peter:

Christoph Diemer’s vessels for commission: a legacy in his lifetime 23/41

Schofield, John and Murdoch, Tessa:

A memorial to Paul Storr. 33/159

Schrager, Luke
Recent research into the missing registers 10/62
The royal and aristocratic patronage of Wakelin & Tayler, 1776-92 21/87
Silver ephemera – a rare survival 23/116

Sold at auction 23/117
Elizabeth Jackson/Oldfield 27/101

– and Kent, Timothy
Thicker than water: The Chawners and their connections 25?/6/33
Adam Murray and his two boxes: a family story 29/20

Schroder, Timothy
Sixteenth century English silver; some problems of attribution  III/1-2:40
Paul de Lamerie: businessman or craftsman? 6/267
‘Rich, fierce and greedy for glory’: Court goldsmiths’ work in the
early years of Henry VIII 8/435
The Duke of Sussex and his collection 14/40
Obituary: Arthur Grimwade  15/4
Silver and the Church (special issue) J 17
Evidence without documents: patterns of ornament in rococo
and Regence silver 20/58
letter to editor 23/22
The Cockayne Cups 28/5

The Silver Society visit to Bavaria 2017 34/114

Church Plate in England (Special issue) 24

Schroder, Timothy and Vanderpump, Richard
David Brand Inglis: an obituary 29/127

Seelig, Lorenz
The Dinner Service made for George III by Robert-Joseph Auguste and Frantz-Peter Bundsen: neo-Classical goldsmiths’ work in Paris, London and Hanover 28/76

Sherratt, Michael
A church — a trowel 22/103
From members’ collections 22/103

Shifman, Barry
Museum acquisition /Indianapolis 15/169 and 16/148

Shirley, Pippa
The Macclesfield wine set 10/112

Shirley, Pippa and Truman, Charles:

A Rediscovered Cup by Christian Van Vianen and the Collecting of Alice de Rothschild at Waddesdon Manor 35/83

Shlosberg, David
Sugar nips, nippers or tea tongs — and a specialist maker  15/119

Silfverstolpe, Susann
Swedish or English? Another look at the work of Andrew
Fogelberg 6/290

Sinsteden, Thomas
Four selected assay records of the Dublin Goldsmiths’ Company  11/143
Household plate of the dukes of Ormonde 23/123
Surviving Dublin assay records. Part 2 (1708-48) 16/87

Slattery, Fiona
Museum acquisition /Perth  15/170

Skerry, Janine E:

Beyond the Working Dates: reconstructing the life and Career of Elizabeth Pantin Buteux Godfrey 34/75

Sloane, Jeanne
Competition and craft; silversmithing in Bermuda  13/18

Smith, Eric J.G.
Jacob Bodendick  13/66
Jacob Bodendeich  14/109
Richard Blackwell & Son 15/19
The subject of much controversy. The Founder’s Cup at Oriel
College, Oxford 16/65

Times Past 19/64
London goldsmiths in John Stow’s Survey 19/117
Temp. Anne Boleyn. The cup in Cirencester parish church 22/91

Smith, Richard
Thomas Sadler  13/94

Snowman A. Kenneth
Peter Carl Fabergé — decorator extraordinary  II/5-6:86
Snowman, A. Kenneth The gold snuffboxes of Paris  III/1-2:2

Souroujon Sinai, Stephanie:

A Gift from George Lambert: the Golden Jubilee Steeple Cup in the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection 35/60

Sousa, Gonçalo de Vasconcelos e
Oporto’s Rococo silversmith  15/100
Luiz Ferreira and Manuel Alcino. Two twentieth-century
silversmiths in Oporto 16/19

Southwick, Leslie
‘DD’ A silver hilt-maker identified (?)  11/193
Sword of Richard Twining signed Yardley 7/392
The silver vases awarded by the Patriotic Fund 1/27
Wellington’s freedom box for Salamanca 8/502
William Badcock, goldsmith and hilt-maker 9/584
New Light on John Linnit, goldsmith, jeweller and boxmaker 23/73

Jasper Cunst: Goldsmith, Box-maker and Glover and Samuel Cooke: Buckle-maker and Silversmith 34/89

Spink, Michael
Silver filigree from Cuttack 2/65

Stein, Fabian
Weights on Continental silver  9/576

Steuart Fothringham, Henry:

Saint Eloi (circa 588-660). Patron saint of Scottish goldsmiths 15/7

Scottish goldsmiths’ apprenticeships 14/79

Scottish goldsmiths’ weights 15/68

The Darnley Jewel 13/52

The Strathmore silver inventory of 1695 supported by other papers from the Strathmore archives 13/81

Stewart, Graham
The Metropolitan Mace 27/89

Stone, Jonathan M. L.
1697 and all that  III/6:161
The so-called London Forgery Group spoons  I/10:3

Strong, Donald
Silver of the Roman period  I/8:9

Tait, Hugh
The advent of the two-handled cup; the Croft cups  II/11-13:202
A parcel-gilt ‘livery pot’ of 1578  III/3:63
The use of filigree and granulation on Jacobean plate  III/3:63
The Wyndham Ewer and Basin and subsequent additions to Tudor
and Stuart silver plate at the British Museum 5/195

Tanner, Sarah
A man who never was  2/89
Paul Storr: his master and apprentices  6/277

Taylor, Clive
George Smith of Huggin Lane: a Georgian silver bucklemaker 26/60

Taylor, Gerald
Some London platemakers’ marks 1558—1624  III/4:97

Tebbe, Karin
Nuremberg marks in the late eighteenth century  15/73
On growing flowers, stylistic howlers and tulip cups 16/53
Ongoing research. Minor details of great importance: new insights into the marks of Nuremberg goldsmiths 21/39

Thompson, Eleanor
French silver in the Musée du Louvre 2/67
See also Sale, Anthony J.H.
The Welby Bequest: memories of Michael 29/125

Thompson, Eleanor and Sale, Anthony:

The Duke of Beaufort’s surtout by Thomas Germain 9/544

Thornton, Dora
The Waddesdon Bequest as a neo-Kunstkammer of the nineteenth century 23/57

“A long succession of magnificent provocative treasures for the collection at Goldsmiths’ Hall”. Designs and making of Louis Osman’s Commissions for the Goldsmiths’ Company 1966-1985 35/5

Ticher, Kurt
Irish silver  I/7:5
Some Limerick oddities  II/7-8:142

Timann, Ursula
About candlestick cups 15/12

Tobin, Sophia
“These six sheets of paper”. Some biographical insights from the will of Thomas Heming 26/58

Truman, Charles and Shirley, Pippa:

A Rediscovered Cup by Christian Van Vianen and the Collecting of Alice de Rothschild at Waddesdon Manor

Tsushima, Jean:

Notes & Queries 16/30

Turner, Guy:
Lord Pembroke’s inventory of 1561  11/189

Twist, Anthony
James Bult and his partners 1774-1864 25/94
Towards the Patriotic Fund 26/75, 27/16

Udy, David
The influence of Charles Heathcote Tatham  II/5-6:104

Unwin, Joan
The Goodwin silver competitions 22/67

Vander, Henry
Hand-forging flatware  II/1:22
The model of HMS Victory  I/11:28
The technique of Chasing  I/3:9
Victorian figure casting  II/2:44

Vander, Richard
Old Sheffield Plate  I/10:5
Some Sheffield silversmiths  II/7-8:118

Vanderpump, Richard and Schroder, Timothy
David Brand Inglis: an obituary 29/127

Vaughan Lewis, Maggie and William
Rebecca Emes: New Discoveries 25/74

Vickers, Michael
Roman faceted silver and its relationship to rock crystal and
glass 8/462

Vitali, Ubaldo
Beyond the secret traditions: the evolution of styles and techniques
in the art of the goldsmith  12/8
Retooling for the rococo: assembling the complex network of talents, skill and
language to express the new style 20/72

Von Savigny, Brigitte:

Daydreams and Mermaids 2/81

Walker, Ben
New work 19/160

Wallis, Rosemary Ransome
The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and its patronage of the
art medal today 5/217

Warner, Christopher
Tumbler cups at Lotherton Hall  11/254

Warshawsky, Lee
Museum acquisition /Portland 15/172

Museum focus: Seattle. 16/79

Warwick James, Jolyon:

A European heritage: nineteenth-century silver in Australia 15/133

The Collins caster: A Tasmanian survivor 2/71

The Silver Society visit to Switzerland – September 2019 35/99

Wees, Beth Carver
English silver in an American museum, The Sterling and
Francine Clark Art Institute 4/115

Weinstein, Rosemary
A goldsmiths’ widow of the 1670s 10/50

Wenley, Robert
The Paston treasures 19/131

Westwood, A. Hamil
An assayer’s notes  I/11:6

Whipham, Thomas
Behind the wallpaper  13/109

Wilkinson, Wynyard
Benjamin Schlick  19/5
The Key to Gibraltar 27/54

Wilmot, D.G.U. de B
The assembly of a canteen  II/1:23
An exercise in collecting  I/9:4

Wilmot, R.T.D.
The Dorrien Cup  I/8:22

Wilson, Muriel
John Bonnor (1875-1917) 15/126

Wilson, Sandra:

The mystery of Dutch raising 33/81

Wilson, Timothy
See Kent, Timothy

Winterbottom, Matthew
(and Alfred Hagemann) New discoveries concerning the Berlin silver buffet 22/117

Wood, L.J. Cardew-
Calcutta silver  I/2:6

Young, Hilary
The silver designs of Sir William Chambers: a resumé and recent
discoveries 7/335
Philip Cornman: a biographical note 8/481

Zech, Heike:

When Christ became an astronomer: the contrasting histories of two seventeenth century Augsburg shrines 31/18