Published as a 290 x 224 mm hardback by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd on 12th April 2021; 190 pp, 268 images. Available from Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwell’s.
Given scant attention in most guides to antique silver and rarely illustrated in pre-internet auction catalogues, lemon strainers (sometimes called orange or punch strainers) are beautiful and very collectable bygones of Georgian England, Ireland, Scotland and America, which have survived to this day in surprising numbers, almost two hundred years after last being used in

the preparation of punch. Drawing from a database of nearly 900 examples, the book looks generally at the ways they may have been used, their relative desirabilities and their marks and heraldic devices, and classifies them into different groupings

in each of their centres of production, describing each one in detail to show the fascinating diversity and evolution of their bowl piercing patterns and handle shapes. Oddities, including fakes, are included.

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Mike Adams