Les Poinçons Français des Métaux Précieux de 1789 à ce Jour.

Following the interest aroused by the chapter on hallmarks in his book Traditional French Jewellery (2021) Michael Fieggen has continued his research into this field and has now published a complete guide to all 276 French hallmarks used from 1789 to the present day.

The book is illustrated with original drawings, each of which has been checked against the actual hallmarks, and in most cases a photograph of the mark is also included. The dates of the introduction of the marks and when they were withdrawn have also been carefully researched: until now such dates as were published were based on the dates of the hallmarking legislation but archival research has revealed that some marks were not used until later or were withdrawn earlier than was believed.

The book contains a list of all the assay office marks included within French hallmarks that facilitate identification of the place of origin of both silverware and jewellery as well making dating much more accurate; it contains a list of the dates of the establishment and closure of all the hallmarking offices. The French hallmarks and assay office marks used in the fifty- eight European cities occupied by France during the Napoleonic period are also published for the first time.

The book is published in French but a pdf English translation is supplied. Copies of the book can be obtained from www.osprey.fr/en/produit/book-les-poincons-francais-de-1789-a-nos-jours-2/

Hardcover, 192 pp, colour, €59 plus €7 post of packing worldwide.